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I left a comment earlier about how much I enjoyed this adventure location, but now I can also share the video of my group playing through this adventure! We had a blast!

This was so fun to watch, thanks for sharing!

I ran this game for a group and had SUCH a fun time! The idea is really creative and flows from the crossword jam naturally. The art is wonderful, and my players had so much fun with the mushroom random effects. A great Mausritter dungeon that I'd highly recommend!


So glad you all enjoyed it!!


This dungeon was my first play through of Mausritter and it was so much fun! It has a strong theme, unique encounters and beautiful art. This has everything a little mouse could want in an adventure.

This is quite possibly the coolest Mausritter adventure I've seen yet and I can't wait to run it for my players! An excellent idea executed expertly. I had a lot of fun writing that sentence haha.


Thank you!


An adorable, beautifully thematic little dungeon, full of flavour and intrigue. Our trio of  mice, two bat-skeptics and a wanna bat-cultist, had a grand old time looting all the goodies and out-foxing the baddies!
Highly recommended, especially as an introduction to Mausritter. 


Definitely gonna ask if my group want to play through this tonight!! 

Thanks for the submission and glad to see my wacky process worked for you!

Sweet! Hope you have a good time. I really enjoyed using the crossword as a prompt (i even have a few more saved up to try later!)